How To Kill Fleas

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fleas in the home

Most people Don't understand the life cycle of fleas.
If you have pets in your house, sooner or later you'll get fleas in your house. You can vacuum fleas up but you need to remember that they'll continue to live and multiply in your dust bag. To avoid this, put either a flea collar or mothballs in your dust bag. there is more to knowing how to kill fleas than meets the eye

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  1. Hi, I need some help. I adopted a cat I found at street, unfortunatelly after that one day I started to see fleas all around at home. I took the cat to the vet,use all kind of sprays and everything I was told to exterminate them. A coulple of months ago I haven't seen any flea. I want to bring the cat(now it is clean and free from fleas) back home, but my concern is, how can I be sure that -as I think- I've exterminated the plague?


  2. If you succeeded in riding the house of fleas then bringing the cat back home is ok. if you did not rid the home of the fleas you willknow soon enough. you can also get a white towel and lay it down in the areas with the most infestations, fleas like white things and will jump on the towel, this is one way to check for fleas.