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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Plague? Most didn't know this was still around

Sometimes we as a people think we are safe from all the deseases from the past, like the plague, so when we open a paper or search on the internet and find articles about a plague, we pay attention, or we should anyway.
So when I find something I think is interesting I will Post it.

Picnickers: Beware of plague-bearing rodentsSummer visitors to rural picnic spots, campgrounds and wilderness areas should take precautions to protect themselves from plague, a disease carried by rodents, State Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Horton has advised."Individuals can greatly reduce their risk of becoming infected with plague by taking simple precautions, including avoiding contact with wild rodents," Horton said. "Do not feed rodents in picnic or campground areas and never handle sick or dead rodents," he said. "Also, leave your pets at home when visiting rural areas."

Picnickers: Beware of plague-bearing rodents

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