How To Kill Fleas

Monday, August 02, 2010

You Need Proper Preparation if You Want Effective Flea Treatment Success

One thing for you to consider is if you want the best outcome then you
have to make sure the prep work is properly done for the most effective flea treatment success.

Whether you are doing just the inside or just the outside or both the
prep wok on flea treatment has to be done properly.

1. Bath the pets the same time you treat the rest of the home, send them to a groomer or vet to be washed and treated, but keep them out of the home and off the carpet or grass until dry.

2. Cover all fish tanks, Make sure you unplug the pumps, if you do not the pump could suck in the fumes and will be toxic to your fish.

3. Be sure and wash all the bedding in hot water.
4. Wash or mop all the hard wood or tile floors.

5. I say this time and time again vacuum all floors especially
where the pets spend most of the time.

6. Remove all bowls, toys, clothing and any item loose lying around.

Once you finish this you can now feel free to call in the professional
or pest Management Company to complete the job. They can
offer any suggestions other than what you have already completed.
Most pest control companies have a pre written list that you will need
to sign with all the above written on it for your safety.

Fleas are tough to get rid of but if you do your planning and flea
preparation properly you can be very successful and finally be
living flea free.