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Saturday, March 14, 2009

What Do You Consider When Looking For A Pest Exterminator?

What’s a pest?  To you it might be the fleas living in your house or the birds eating your sunflowers.  It could mean those raccoons that eat your dog’s food at night or the cock roaches scurrying around at night. Whatever you’re meaning of pests is you’ll need the right pest exterminator to eliminate that problem.  Not all pest exterminator are made equal.

Exterminators can get rid of any problem you have but you need the right exterminator for the right pest. Some pests can cause a lot of problems and should be eliminated before they cause too much damage, other pest problems are just that, pest problems. Choosing the right pest exterminator is easy if you know what to look for in a professional pest exterminator.

Whether it’s  mice, fleas, spiders, rats, bed bugs,  roaches or other outside invaders, a pest exterminator can eliminate the problem.  The most important thing an exterminator will do is examine the pest problem and decide what the pest is and the best way to get rid of it. If they just come out and start spraying or try to wrap you around a yearly contract they probable don’t know what they are doing.  Always be sure to research or get a friend to recommend a pest exterminator.

Most exterminator services will take care of insects, bugs, mice, fleas and many more but if they don’t normally exterminate, say scorpions, then you want to research until you find a company that specializes in them before hiring them for your pest problem. Choose the right pest company for the right pest.

Make sure the exterminator service dose a thorough inspection of your home and tell you (in writing) what the problem is and how they will fix it Also what chemical or treatment they’ll use and how often it’s needed to control your pest problem.  Since most pest problems take more then one visit by the exterminator company, be wary of promises that your problem can be fixed with one treatment. If they don’t know what they’re doing and you should continue to look for a good pest exterminator.

If you choose a yearly service make sure the treatment takes care of interior and exterior.  Pests come from outside to the inside of your house looking for food, water or shelter. Their service should include treatment of soil, turf, or mulch areas outside the house. They should also include door thresholds, windows casing and under eaves as well as any entry points.

Pest exterminators should offer treatments around crack and crevices in the kitchen, bathrooms, and utility rooms.  They should include treatment under and around appliances as well.  Your garage and carport should be included in the service contract.  Don’t forget the attic, crawl spaces and drains where pests can easily get in.

Using the right pest exterminator for the right pest will effectively rid you of your pest problems.