How To Kill Fleas

Saturday, September 29, 2007

How To Kill Fleas Part 2

The key ingredient in how to kill fleas is never forget the application. This is one of the most important features in being successful in getting rid of fleas. I have seen more people fail in doing a flea treatment because they just don't follow directions or fail to do the follow up.

Using the right chemicals is very important, unless you want to sit there and comb your cat,dog or pet every day or even twice a day, then maybe the best results would be to treat with a chemical. On the bright side your pet will most likely thank you for getting rid of the fleas, he will also appreciate not having to constantly bite and scratch.

The Basics of Flea control

  • Chemical

  • Application

  • Follow up

Chemical choice, when searching for chemicals, try and find the nearest DIY (Do It Yourself) pest control store, don't hesitate to ask for the safest chemicals available, if possible try and use a growth regulator also, I know Home Depot or a few of the other major stores carry a variety of products.

Make sure you discuss with the sales rep. the application and safety aspects of the chemical, above all read the label, this is a must.

Now you are ready, if the sales rep. was worth his wages he would have you set up with tools, some chemical and some knowledge.

  1. The tools: a one gallon spray container, a upright vacuum cleaner with a beater bar and disposable bag , a lawn mower, rubber gloves, a mask, read the label

  2. Chemicals: What ever the store rep. suggested, plus enough foggers to do the cubic footage.

Now your ready, make sure you wear long pants and long sleeve shirts for the application, and gloves. Just be safe.

Most chemicals have a ninety day life expectancy.

  1. Make arrangements to have your pet bathed and treated for fleas at the vet, or you can do it yourself. The good thing about the vet or dog groomer bathing and treating your pet for fleas is it will get the pet out of the house. All animals and humans should be out when treating.

  2. Go around home and mark by placing a napkin on all areas where pet spends time, take sofa cushions and pillows off and lean on back of sofa, take all objects out from under bed, be sure to pick up all toys (children and animals) and place in a safe container.

  3. Vacuum structure, take disposable bag out place in a plastic bag and remove from house.

  4. Mix chemicals as per label, start at end of house spraying, and working your way back to the exit, making sure you treat all the areas, the napkins will let you know to treat those areas.

  5. Release the fogers or bombs, start at furtherest part of house and work backwards.

  6. Stay out for at least 4- 6 hours or what the label says.

  7. Next is the yard, by now the yard should have been mowed, this is important, mix up your solution and spray the yard, make sure you mix a little dish washing detergent in with chemical (yard only) maybe a ½ ounce.

If you have fleas in the yard, and you don't treat the yard, fleas will jump on you or pet and ride back into house, and you will say this doesn't work my animal still has fleas.

This final Item is the most important, it is called follow up.

If you really want to know how to kill fleas and be successful at it, then do the follow up. I would repeat this process in 3 -4 weeks.

If this is to much and more than you can handle then hire a professional, like Terminex, Orkin, Truly Nolen or a local pest control company.

Good luck

John Shelton