How To Kill Fleas

Monday, November 19, 2007

How To Kill Fleas-Plague 2

In our search on how to kill fleas, I thought these articles would be very interesting.

In Sharonville, Ohio. Hundreds of people are looking for a new home after their apartment building was condemned because of an insect problem

Most all the residents agree with health inspectors that most of the apartments at Harmony Grove are infested with Cockroaches Bedbugs, Lice and fleas

The good thing about this problem, is that some of the local churches have stepped in to help out with temporary shelter.

Another incident concerning fleas.

In the Grand Canyon area, a 37 year old wild life biologist died of pneumonic plague on November 2.

He was performing a postmortem examination of a dead mountain lion, the wildlife biologist complained of flu-like symptoms, he was treated and let go by a local doctor.

A plague is an infectious disease of animals and humans caused by a bacterium according to the "Centers For Infectious Disease" also known as the black death.
Infected fleas are the main avenue of infections, the reason is fleas bite both humans and animals.

The reason I am supplying this information is, because I believe, like many other type of disease and problems they can be prevented.
I know the main subject is how to kill fleas, but prevention is also a key element. And can save a lot of heart ache. here are some preventive methods tips.

Do not pick up or touch dead animals.
Eliminate the source of foods for wild animals, and rodents.
Wood piles are big breeding places for rodents.
Don't leave animal or pet foods out overnight.
Rodent proof your home.
Treat pets and home on a regular bases for flea control.

Once I had a customer call me and said he had rodents, but could not figure out where and how they were surviving. I went out to the customers home. Figuring on spending some time there, I know rats, mice and even squirrels (member of the rat family) are creatures of habit.
The first thing I noticed was a wood pile and a dog house close to each other. So I decided to watch.

Wasn't long, the home owner came out and fed the dog, the dog as pets do when they eat, let food drop over sides of bowl. Anyway, the dog finished he retreated to dog house.
All of a sudden, a rat ran our of wood pile and grabbed a piece of dog food, and ran back into wood pile, then another until all the rats were fed.

Seems like the rats had found a good food source, and weren't going to let it go. The answer: the home owner moved the dog house , cleaned up wood pile, treated area for fleas, and the rodents left.
Sometimes that is all it takes.
I told that story to say this, Fleas like warm bloodied body's to feed on, get rid of the warm bloodied body's, The fleas may leave also, and can you imagine how many fleas could have been transfered to different parts of neighborhood, just by that one rat problem.

John Shelton