How To Kill Fleas

Monday, November 19, 2007

How To Kill Fleas-Plague 2

In our search on how to kill fleas, I thought these articles would be very interesting.

In Sharonville, Ohio. Hundreds of people are looking for a new home after their apartment building was condemned because of an insect problem

Most all the residents agree with health inspectors that most of the apartments at Harmony Grove are infested with Cockroaches Bedbugs, Lice and fleas

The good thing about this problem, is that some of the local churches have stepped in to help out with temporary shelter.

Another incident concerning fleas.

In the Grand Canyon area, a 37 year old wild life biologist died of pneumonic plague on November 2.

He was performing a postmortem examination of a dead mountain lion, the wildlife biologist complained of flu-like symptoms, he was treated and let go by a local doctor.

A plague is an infectious disease of animals and humans caused by a bacterium according to the "Centers For Infectious Disease" also known as the black death.
Infected fleas are the main avenue of infections, the reason is fleas bite both humans and animals.

The reason I am supplying this information is, because I believe, like many other type of disease and problems they can be prevented.
I know the main subject is how to kill fleas, but prevention is also a key element. And can save a lot of heart ache. here are some preventive methods tips.

Do not pick up or touch dead animals.
Eliminate the source of foods for wild animals, and rodents.
Wood piles are big breeding places for rodents.
Don't leave animal or pet foods out overnight.
Rodent proof your home.
Treat pets and home on a regular bases for flea control.

Once I had a customer call me and said he had rodents, but could not figure out where and how they were surviving. I went out to the customers home. Figuring on spending some time there, I know rats, mice and even squirrels (member of the rat family) are creatures of habit.
The first thing I noticed was a wood pile and a dog house close to each other. So I decided to watch.

Wasn't long, the home owner came out and fed the dog, the dog as pets do when they eat, let food drop over sides of bowl. Anyway, the dog finished he retreated to dog house.
All of a sudden, a rat ran our of wood pile and grabbed a piece of dog food, and ran back into wood pile, then another until all the rats were fed.

Seems like the rats had found a good food source, and weren't going to let it go. The answer: the home owner moved the dog house , cleaned up wood pile, treated area for fleas, and the rodents left.
Sometimes that is all it takes.
I told that story to say this, Fleas like warm bloodied body's to feed on, get rid of the warm bloodied body's, The fleas may leave also, and can you imagine how many fleas could have been transfered to different parts of neighborhood, just by that one rat problem.

John Shelton

Monday, October 22, 2007

How To Kill Fleas -plagues

In all my messages about how to kill Fleas. I try to post most of the positive side of things.
I am not sure there are to many positive sides to having fleas, having to learn how to kill fleas is important, especially if you have a lot of pets, or one pet for that matter.
Being flea free is a good thing, but as we go along in our daily lives, I think it is important to know about different dangers that parasites like fleas can cause. It doesn't matter if you use a professional pest company, or do it your self, what matters is that you are able to get rid of the flea problem, using flea collars,dips, or something like advantage will certainly help in the control of fleas. here below is article I thought worth mentioning in your quest in how to get rid of fleas.

Metro: County warning residents of plague | plague, area, disease - Gazette.com
Health authorities began knocking on hundreds of doors in a westside neighborhood Thursday to warn residents about plague.

The response came after a dead tree squirrel recently discovered on a resident’s property tested positive for the disease on Wednesday. Plague is a bacterial disease found among rodents that is transmitted by infected fleas to pets and humans.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

How To Kill Fleas, Contiuned

There are various ways on how to kill fleas. You need to know the pro's and cons. of what your facing. A lot of people would like to be able to be flea free. That is a reality and a possibility.

One thing I would like most of you who read this article to know is, if you can come up with any planned way or method to get rid of fleas without the use of Chemicals. Then please post it here on this article. I know there are things like dish detergent, Garlic and flea collars to use on your pets , but when you have a bad flea infestation, just washing your pet doesn't do the trick, unless you have caught the flea and he is the only flea your pet has on him.

The question we should ask is where and how do we get fleas that fast? Fleas invade our area by many different ways,below are some examples.

Pest from the community comes through our yard.
People who visit a flea infested area (the flea will jump on that person and ride into your area).
Women hosiery will actually be the vehicle for fleas to ride in on, fleas are designed to go one way, and that is forward, so when they jump on a womans hosiery they get caught in the webbing and can't get out for a few hours, by that time they are at your house, you now have fleas.
I would suggest if you feel you have been in an area where there is a flea infestation, carefully check your self over before you return back into your residence.

As I have stated in a few of my other reports on how to kill fleas, that patience and follow up is the key.

There are many products on the market that can contribute to the eradication or control of fleas, a little research and common sense should help you decide on the best method to use,

One thing to consider, do the flea bites have a impact on my pets health? If so, maybe the chemical will bring much needed relief, allergic reactions of certain chemicals could happen. If you see your pet reacting strangely, a small number of pets who have allergic reactions, consider taking the pet to the VET. I believe the risks are fairly low.

In how to kill fleas, here are Some Flea medicine you might want to consider , frontline, Advantage.
If you want a Pest Control Company to help you, then consider Terminex, Orkin, Truly Nolen, There are many local companies that can be of service to you.
John Shelton

Text copyright 2005-2006 How To Kill Fleas may not be reproduced in anyway without consent. This is not the official web page. of any of the products listed on this site, this is a article blog page created by an individual. This is to be an informative article and not a substitute for a Licensed pest operator or a Vet. Always consult your local pest control company or a vet if you suspect a problem.

Disclaimer: I Am A Certified pest Control Operator and in the pest control business for 30 years, I have treated many a flea infested areas with great success, I have never had a pet get sick or die, If you decide to do your own pest control then please read the label and treat accordingly, the responsibility will be yours. If you are not sure then call a Vet or a Certified Pest Control Operator.
If you want to ask me a question feel free to post here.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

How To Kill Fleas Part 2

The key ingredient in how to kill fleas is never forget the application. This is one of the most important features in being successful in getting rid of fleas. I have seen more people fail in doing a flea treatment because they just don't follow directions or fail to do the follow up.

Using the right chemicals is very important, unless you want to sit there and comb your cat,dog or pet every day or even twice a day, then maybe the best results would be to treat with a chemical. On the bright side your pet will most likely thank you for getting rid of the fleas, he will also appreciate not having to constantly bite and scratch.

The Basics of Flea control

  • Chemical

  • Application

  • Follow up

Chemical choice, when searching for chemicals, try and find the nearest DIY (Do It Yourself) pest control store, don't hesitate to ask for the safest chemicals available, if possible try and use a growth regulator also, I know Home Depot or a few of the other major stores carry a variety of products.

Make sure you discuss with the sales rep. the application and safety aspects of the chemical, above all read the label, this is a must.

Now you are ready, if the sales rep. was worth his wages he would have you set up with tools, some chemical and some knowledge.

  1. The tools: a one gallon spray container, a upright vacuum cleaner with a beater bar and disposable bag , a lawn mower, rubber gloves, a mask, read the label

  2. Chemicals: What ever the store rep. suggested, plus enough foggers to do the cubic footage.

Now your ready, make sure you wear long pants and long sleeve shirts for the application, and gloves. Just be safe.

Most chemicals have a ninety day life expectancy.

  1. Make arrangements to have your pet bathed and treated for fleas at the vet, or you can do it yourself. The good thing about the vet or dog groomer bathing and treating your pet for fleas is it will get the pet out of the house. All animals and humans should be out when treating.

  2. Go around home and mark by placing a napkin on all areas where pet spends time, take sofa cushions and pillows off and lean on back of sofa, take all objects out from under bed, be sure to pick up all toys (children and animals) and place in a safe container.

  3. Vacuum structure, take disposable bag out place in a plastic bag and remove from house.

  4. Mix chemicals as per label, start at end of house spraying, and working your way back to the exit, making sure you treat all the areas, the napkins will let you know to treat those areas.

  5. Release the fogers or bombs, start at furtherest part of house and work backwards.

  6. Stay out for at least 4- 6 hours or what the label says.

  7. Next is the yard, by now the yard should have been mowed, this is important, mix up your solution and spray the yard, make sure you mix a little dish washing detergent in with chemical (yard only) maybe a ½ ounce.

If you have fleas in the yard, and you don't treat the yard, fleas will jump on you or pet and ride back into house, and you will say this doesn't work my animal still has fleas.

This final Item is the most important, it is called follow up.

If you really want to know how to kill fleas and be successful at it, then do the follow up. I would repeat this process in 3 -4 weeks.

If this is to much and more than you can handle then hire a professional, like Terminex, Orkin, Truly Nolen or a local pest control company.

Good luck

John Shelton

Friday, September 14, 2007

How To Kill Fleas and Why Your Not Successful


Basically most folks would like to know how kill fleas and save some money on Pest Control or Flea control by doing it themselves. I have heard it time and time again, "I cannot get rid of these darn fleas". I have been in the pest business for 30 years, and this is one of the most common statements made. you need to know what the flea problem is to get rid of it.

How to kill fleas is a very valid question. I have heard old wives tales using boric acid and oranges. (By the way there is truth to the boric acid tale)

Bottom line is, there is a procedure you need to pay attention to in eliminating fleas, and especially how to kill fleas. Try understanding the life cycle of the Flea, Egg, Larvae, Pupa and Adult. The hardest and almost impossible cycle is the pupa stage, this is the stage where there is a shell surrounding the flea in which it is protected, when he emerges from this shell he is a full grown flea, looking for a blood meal, so he sits and waits until something comes along he can jump on and feast.

There are a number of ways to kill fleas. You'll need to know and use these methods to kill fleas effectively. You will also need to follow directions 1-2-3 and in that order. Most people try to take short cuts and that is where they will make mistakes.

There are many chemicals designed to kill fleas. I know, we don’t need more chemicals, unless you have the patience of Job and skin like leather you need chemicals.

You can attack fleas chemically either on your pet, or the place your pet hangs out, or around the house or yard in places fleas live, When I treated houses, I always ask the home owner to identify the areas where their pet spent the most time.
Fleas lay eggs; eggs roll off the pet and into the carpet or on the floor.

Back to the chemicals, most chemicals are designed to give maximum control with least amount of toxicity to humans or pets.

The biggest advice in how to kill fleas is: don't overdo it. Your pet doesn't need to be inundated with a variety of chemical products - exposure to one is probably enough. But just treating your pet is not enough to get rid of fleas, when your pet comes back into the area where he spends most of his time, guess what?
More fleas can jump on the pet if that area is infested.

What is the answer in how to kill fleas? Treat all the areas including the pet at the same time. How simple will it be, depends on how involved you are willing to be. The answer to getting rid of fleas is not in the chemical as much as in to the application, I will say it again, application.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fleas turn white collars into flea collars

Well now we have heard of everything

Fleas turn white collars into flea collars -- Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 -- English Window to China News
Fleas turn white collars into flea collars
By Li Xinran 2007-8-22
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WHITE collar workers in an office building in east China's Yangzhou City have begun wearing dog collars to ward off fleas that have taken over the building.

One among the many victims in the building, who was identified as Zhu, rented an office with his partner last month, the local Yangzhou Evening Post reported yesterday. Two weeks after, they found many itchy red marks on their ankles and chests, a problem that spread around the office.

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How old do the kittens need to be when they have their first bath?

Cats with fleas, dogs with fleas, It all boils down to Fleas, success or failure

Kittens with fleas, how old for their first bath??? - TheCatSite.com Forums
How old do the kittens need to be when they have their first bath?
The problem is, they have fleas, I'm finding individual live fleas and flea dust on all the kittens.

I've consulted a vet who said not to use any flea products like Frontline or Advantage or anything like that until the kittens are 8 weeks old.

They're 3 weeks now.

The flea comb and dawn dish soap isn't working at all.

Any ideas???

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Infections, allergies may cause itchy spots

I ran across this question and thought it was worthy to post.

I have met many people who had no idea that after your or pet has a bite it can itch for a while.

Q: We have a Shih Tzu and she keeps getting bumps (about the size of the tip of your little finger) and she wants to be scratched constantly. She does better when her hair is shaved off, but still wants to be scratched all the time. We have tried baby Benadryl and it doesn't work, so my wife is now trying 1 percent hydrocortisone cream on the spots. Is this a good idea, or is there something else that can be done for her? One vet said she was allergic to her hair -- could that be the cause of these bumps? The vet never mentioned allergy shots or anything, but this is getting to be too much and she is constantly licking her front paws until they are soaked, which worries me.

Charleston Daily Mail
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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fleas in the home

Most people Don't understand the life cycle of fleas.
If you have pets in your house, sooner or later you'll get fleas in your house. You can vacuum fleas up but you need to remember that they'll continue to live and multiply in your dust bag. To avoid this, put either a flea collar or mothballs in your dust bag. there is more to knowing how to kill fleas than meets the eye

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fleas in the tampa area

Hate Fleas? Hope For a Hard Freeze - The Ledger

Florida has always been a bad place for fleas, some just worse than others, but no matter, the problem is still a decaration of WAR

Hate Fleas? Hope For a Hard Freeze

The Ledger,?FL?- Jan 15, 2007

Though Florida has always been ridden with the tiny bloodsuckers, one of our warmest winters on record has fleas feasting. "Flea calls are well up. ...

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