How To Kill Fleas

Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Known Facts About fleas

Things to know about fleas.

Fleas are tiny little bugs that really prove to be a big pain.
Not just animals suffer from this, humans do as well.
Fleas can be quite a problem to rid from your houses.

These are a few facts about fleas to consider.

Blood is necessary for fleas to continue living and gives them the ability to reduce.

Over 140,000 fleas can come from a single female through three months of reproducing.

Both humans and animals can contract diseases from fleas.

A lot of itching and discomfort can come from a flea bite. Allergies may be stirred up from this as well. Capable of leaping over 70 times their own height fleas can travel great distances. There are two stages within their life cycle that fleas are protected from pesticides.
  • The egg
  • the pupa

Cycle of a Flea's Life

Ranging between a few weeks to a couple of years, the life cycle of a flea can take a while. During the egg and pupa stages the flea is protected from pesticides.

Stage 1, Egg: The eggs are laid directly on the animal, they can fall off into your home.

Stage 2, Larva: This worm like form enjoy getting into your bedding as well as carpet. It looks for moist areas away from the sunlight. This larva can survive off dried blood, loose hairs, and old skin.

Stage 3, Pupa: In this stage they take a cocoon form which is well protected for around a year.

Stage 4, Adult: Upon hatching the adult looks for blood. The adult form is capable of surviving for many months without having to eat.

However, the issue is the fact that you don't even need pets to get fleas in your home. Without pets for the fleas to suck blood from they go after humans. They can travel through the use of your clothing to reach new areas.
Flea bites on humans is common.

They can be transplanted from other infested lawns as well. All of these facts about fleas are good to keep in mind. Through the knowledge of how fleas live you can know just what to do in order to remove them.