How To Kill Fleas

Sunday, July 09, 2006

When out and about, Be careful

When your out and about, vacation, hunting, walking around or hiking. check your self for fleas and other critters, use precaution, fleas have been known to get caught in women hosery, by the time they get loose they could be at your home.

The next worrisome diseases are tularemia and plague. It is known that fleas have been found to be positive for plague near Siloam Road on the way to Beulah, and there is a rabbit die-off in Pueblo West from tularemia. Both are vector-borne diseases that can cause serious disease in humans and animals. The key is to avoid - and keep your pets away from -sick or dead rabbits, and to keep your dogs and cats free from fleas (plague) and ticks (tularemia). Tularemia also can be spread by biting flies and mosquitoes - all the more reason for everyone to consistently use DEET bug spray this season.

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