How To Kill Fleas

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

When you see your pet scratching

 When you see your pet scratching, take notice, check your pet out, there are signs of fleas,  but you have to look

Is your pet scratching? Can you see tiny brown specks in its fur? Or are there small browny/black insects scurrying about? Do you have some unaccounted for insect bites yourself? A yes to any of these questions could mean unwelcome visitors - FLEAS...Fleas can be a problem even in the best kept homes and on the cleanest pets. But you can control them as long as you treat both your pet and your home. Fleas live and feed on pets. After feeding on your pet's blood the female flea lays eggs which drop into the animal's bedding or favourite resting place. The highest concentration of eggs, larvae and pupae are likely to be in these areas rather than on the animal itself.

RSPCA || Animal_Care

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