How To Kill Fleas

Friday, September 14, 2007

How To Kill Fleas and Why Your Not Successful


Basically most folks would like to know how kill fleas and save some money on Pest Control or Flea control by doing it themselves. I have heard it time and time again, "I cannot get rid of these darn fleas". I have been in the pest business for 30 years, and this is one of the most common statements made. you need to know what the flea problem is to get rid of it.

How to kill fleas is a very valid question. I have heard old wives tales using boric acid and oranges. (By the way there is truth to the boric acid tale)

Bottom line is, there is a procedure you need to pay attention to in eliminating fleas, and especially how to kill fleas. Try understanding the life cycle of the Flea, Egg, Larvae, Pupa and Adult. The hardest and almost impossible cycle is the pupa stage, this is the stage where there is a shell surrounding the flea in which it is protected, when he emerges from this shell he is a full grown flea, looking for a blood meal, so he sits and waits until something comes along he can jump on and feast.

There are a number of ways to kill fleas. You'll need to know and use these methods to kill fleas effectively. You will also need to follow directions 1-2-3 and in that order. Most people try to take short cuts and that is where they will make mistakes.

There are many chemicals designed to kill fleas. I know, we don’t need more chemicals, unless you have the patience of Job and skin like leather you need chemicals.

You can attack fleas chemically either on your pet, or the place your pet hangs out, or around the house or yard in places fleas live, When I treated houses, I always ask the home owner to identify the areas where their pet spent the most time.
Fleas lay eggs; eggs roll off the pet and into the carpet or on the floor.

Back to the chemicals, most chemicals are designed to give maximum control with least amount of toxicity to humans or pets.

The biggest advice in how to kill fleas is: don't overdo it. Your pet doesn't need to be inundated with a variety of chemical products - exposure to one is probably enough. But just treating your pet is not enough to get rid of fleas, when your pet comes back into the area where he spends most of his time, guess what?
More fleas can jump on the pet if that area is infested.

What is the answer in how to kill fleas? Treat all the areas including the pet at the same time. How simple will it be, depends on how involved you are willing to be. The answer to getting rid of fleas is not in the chemical as much as in to the application, I will say it again, application.

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