How To Kill Fleas

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do you or your exterminator know how to kill fleas?

 A Revisit to the flea problems

The new veterinarian products have all but eliminated the flea problem as we knew it in the early part of this last decade, these products were highly effective for many of the pest control exterminators and the pet owners. As usual this problem could be returning due to a resistance by the flea.

Lately flea business has increased due to the resistance to some of the on animal products and a rise in the flea population on undomesticated animals. Since the building boom in the middle 2000's the human population has slowly taken over the habitat of the wilder animals especially in the rural areas, What this means is these animals have no where else to go but to the areas where humans have built buildings and these animals have infiltrated these dwelling, Coyotes have adapted real well, racoons are another one, when you see one in your back yard there is a good chance the coyote or racoons has fleas,, these fleas could have come from a neighbors yard down the street with a built in resistance to any products your pest has been on for the last year or so.

As you know Rats have always been a contributor to move fleas from one location to another, so you see animals other than your own roaming around your home can be a contributing factor for flea infestation.

If the flea population has been in decline in the past years what will that mean to you if you have a problem? I would say you either need to brush up on the know how's of flea extermination or hire a professional exterminator that knows how.

Considering the limited knowledge of the exterminators, especially for the ones who have not had to confront the problem in the last 10 years, you as a potential customer may have a problem.

The problem is this unless you or the pest control company you hire has a working knowledge of how to kill fleas then you both will be the ones to suffer, you by not getting rid of the problem and the pest company for loss of revenue. So there are some preparations to consider and know about when confronting the flea problem.

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