How To Kill Fleas

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Information you should know about Fleas

I just ran across this news Item about Fleas, the information is great concerning you, your family and pets Health.

Flee, fleas: Now's the time to protect pets from pestsBy Ben SteelmanStaff Writerben.steelman@starnewsonline.comIf you're a pet owner, April isn't the cruelest month. Try July or August.The warm, moist months of summer are the height of the flea season. The tiny insects can cause anemia and spread tapeworms to your pet. Dogs and cats can develop skin rashes from the fleas' saliva. Cats can lick themselves raw trying to get the fleas off.Worse, the fleas are evolving, adapting. "The effectiveness has waned for a lot of the older chemical treatments," said Dr. Cynthia Burnett of Burnett Veterinary Hospital in Burgaw.
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