How To Kill Fleas

Sunday, October 07, 2007

How To Kill Fleas, Contiuned

There are various ways on how to kill fleas. You need to know the pro's and cons. of what your facing. A lot of people would like to be able to be flea free. That is a reality and a possibility.

One thing I would like most of you who read this article to know is, if you can come up with any planned way or method to get rid of fleas without the use of Chemicals. Then please post it here on this article. I know there are things like dish detergent, Garlic and flea collars to use on your pets , but when you have a bad flea infestation, just washing your pet doesn't do the trick, unless you have caught the flea and he is the only flea your pet has on him.

The question we should ask is where and how do we get fleas that fast? Fleas invade our area by many different ways,below are some examples.

Pest from the community comes through our yard.
People who visit a flea infested area (the flea will jump on that person and ride into your area).
Women hosiery will actually be the vehicle for fleas to ride in on, fleas are designed to go one way, and that is forward, so when they jump on a womans hosiery they get caught in the webbing and can't get out for a few hours, by that time they are at your house, you now have fleas.
I would suggest if you feel you have been in an area where there is a flea infestation, carefully check your self over before you return back into your residence.

As I have stated in a few of my other reports on how to kill fleas, that patience and follow up is the key.

There are many products on the market that can contribute to the eradication or control of fleas, a little research and common sense should help you decide on the best method to use,

One thing to consider, do the flea bites have a impact on my pets health? If so, maybe the chemical will bring much needed relief, allergic reactions of certain chemicals could happen. If you see your pet reacting strangely, a small number of pets who have allergic reactions, consider taking the pet to the VET. I believe the risks are fairly low.

In how to kill fleas, here are Some Flea medicine you might want to consider , frontline, Advantage.
If you want a Pest Control Company to help you, then consider Terminex, Orkin, Truly Nolen, There are many local companies that can be of service to you.
John Shelton

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Disclaimer: I Am A Certified pest Control Operator and in the pest control business for 30 years, I have treated many a flea infested areas with great success, I have never had a pet get sick or die, If you decide to do your own pest control then please read the label and treat accordingly, the responsibility will be yours. If you are not sure then call a Vet or a Certified Pest Control Operator.
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  1. All of this information is great. The only question left unanswered is how many times does one flea bite? If I have multiple flea bites, should I assume I have multiple fleas running around my home or can one flea bite multiple times? So far I have only seen two fleas both of which were stuck in the thread of my sweat sock and I flushed them down the toilet (the fleas that is!). But I have a bunch of bites. Are there more fleas roaming around or could these two done multiple bites? Please advise. Thank you...MD

  2. Hello,
    my name is Celena my house is infested with these bug it first happened last year,around christmas. They send out the peole to kill them an the inspector told me they were cigarrettes mites. Which i never heard of that in my life. So I decided to google it for my self to find out that I have fleas in my home and I dont own any pets. So what must I do to get rid of this problem.

  3. My dog ran away about two weeks ago; since she has been gone. My house has been infested with fleas. My son has bites all over him and I saw a few in my little girl's hair. What do I need to do? How can I them out of my house?

  4. Celena I have 34 post in here about fleas, never heard of cigarette mites. but that does not mean there isn't any. been at this a long time and never heard of them. I have about 34 post on fleas here is one of them, http://fleas-success.blogspot.com/2007/09/why-you-are-not-successful-in-getting.html
    if you schroll down the page and look under blog archive and the months posted you can view them.

  5. check out this post and read the comment above,
    the reqasonmost are not successful with how to get rid of fleas is follow up, you need to do the follow up. and the follow upis a repeat of the first treatment.

  6. I watched a cat for a couple of months at my house. Last week I noticed a few fleas on her. The cat is gone but not the fleas and now I have lots of bites and my 5 year old too. I heard of Diatomaceous Earth so I used it all over my house, but How long should I keep it there for? Does this really work? Is it there anything else I should do?
    thanks for reading.

  7. what can i use on the carpet to kill the fleas,i have small children.

  8. how can you tell if you have fleas verses bed bugs? we don't have a pet- the downstairs neighbor has a cat that roams around outside she's very friendly and greets us when we come home everyday by rubbing up against us. So we think we may have caught fleas from her. However we were on vacation 2 months ago and are wondering if we picked up bed bugs at the hotel. About a month ago I started noticing small itchy bites apearing in the mornings. they started out as individual small bites- I assumed they were mosquito bites, now sometimes they are individual bites or other times they are grouped together or in a line. my husband has not had any bites and we have set sticky traps around the bed but have seen no signs of fleas or bed bugs- no eggs, no brown or red spots. we've even tried the flashlight method and haven't seen any signs. we're just not sure how to proceed...

  9. What are the green ways to treat for fleas biting humans no pets?

  10. Not sure what will keep them off, maybe take some garlic pills from your local nutrition shop, fleas do not like garlic. best is find out where they are coming from and treat that area.

  11. jeff , my cat and dog are gone and fleas remain i have things under control getting rid of fleas slowly dish ditergent helps kill them every night on my pants!

  12. my cat and dog passed away this year and i still working on getting rid of those darn fleas ! they are bad news !

  13. I've had a few encounters with fleas over the years and they love me. I can be the only one in a house of many with bites. Tried many things to kill itch. Creams for sore muscles that contain camphor oil, menthol, eucalyptus works wonder. My fav is Tiger Balm extra stength. Burns like hell especially if you've been scratching but the itch stops and stays away for awhile. Repeat as needed.