How To Kill Fleas

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Human Flea

I don't care what you say they are still ugly

Image: thanks to the Depatment of Entomolgy
Metamorphosis: complete (egg to larva to pupa to adult).Immature: larvae white, cylindrical, legless, with long hairs on thorax and abdomenAdult: sucking mouthparts, no wings, minute size.HabitatFleas are important ectoparasites of birds and mammals. Some species are important vectors of plague and other diseases.Classification and Groups7 families and 250 species in North America.At least 2,000 species worldwide.Medically Important Families:Ceratophyllidae - mainly associated with rodentsLeptopsyllidaePulicidae - several species of human pestsTungidae - chigoe fleasMore Informationhuman flea photographadult Oriental rat flea photographlarva of Oriental rat flea photograph

Fleas Profile

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